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Comprehensive Water Treatment

Water Conformance & Water Shut Off Polymer Flood 

Currently in Colombia, it is evident amount of water that is produced in oil wells thataffects efficiency dand operating companies. For this reason, any technology that minimizes the amount of water or gas produced together with the crude oil produced would have a significant impact on energy consumption and in theproduction cost of oil.

There are many factors, such as the presence of areas with channels or areas of high permeability, fractures and water cones, which lead to an increase in water production, or leakage of fluids injected into the reservoirs.

In an attempt to block unwanted water production and increase the volumetric sweep efficiency of fluid injection. The industry has used polymeric gels with intercrossers. For the shut off toilet, the process involves the strategic injection of a gelling fluid in the well where water conization occurs. 

In water conformance, the injection of the gels is done in an area of high permeability, where there are fractures or channels, restricting the flow in that area and redirecting the fluids to areas of lower permeability.

Therefore, WSO and WC treatments can be used to generate relatively large volumes of incremental oil production with low costs and selective treatments targeting small volumes, which extend the economic life of marginal and mature wells.

Reuse Water Efficiency (Success Story)

Environmental regulations limit the contribution of sulfates in effluents, leading the industry to seek the best technologies available for the reduction of sulfates.EXRO SAS has comprehensively developed a process that eliminates sulfates from water and generates clean water effluent for reuse or discharge.

This solution uses a two-stage separation using processes and technologies such as clarification, fat removal and nanofiltration equipment to reduce the concentration of sulfate in the water to values below 250 mg/L.

Process Description

Among the water treatment solutions with sulfates, the use of nanofiltration (NF) membranes generates a quality permeate anda solution with a rejection stream of high concentration of sulfate ions.

However, this technology requires a specific condition in the water: Zero fat content and the minimum possible suspended solids. To achieve this condition, EXRO worked on optimizing the clarification process, achieving removals of suspended solids in the order of 95% and identified a grease removal system through the walnut shell filter bed. One of the most important concerns in the use of technologies such as Nanofiltration (NF), is the use of rejection. 

For this reason, EXRO SAS has designed a recirculation system adaptable to the quality of the water that changes as the dilution with the process water is carried out, maintaining the value of the sulfates at its maximum allowable, at the inlet of the equipment. .

With this technological solution, in addition to achieving regulatory compliance, you obtain   a quality of water suitable for subprocesses, reducing the consumption of drinking water by an approximate flow of 48 m3/day.

Eficencia Hidrica
Journey of Water in the Production Process
Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 3.18.39 PM.png

01. Water source

02. Clarification

03. Multimedia filter, activated carbon and  softener

04. OR/UF

05. low pressure boiler

06. WWTP

07. Biological treatment

08. Pressure steam generation

09. Cooling systems     

10. Laboratories, offices

eleven. Maintenance workshop

Diagram de Procesos
Specialization and Innovation
Especialización e Innovación

Modern Facilities

We have modern facilities that allow us to have flexibility to respond to the creation and growth of products, according to the expectations of our clients and that are friendly to the environment.


Production Facilities
and Storage

We have excellent facilities for Production and Storage; a laboratory for Quality Control and Research and Development. Our water use circuit is closed, treating our industrial wastewater with cutting-edge technologies with Applied Research tailored to the client.


Wide experience

45 years of experience in Research and Development of Refrigerant Liquids.


ASTM Committee D-15 (Legislate, control and manage everything corresponding to Refrigerant Standards).


Our Cooling Liquids

We are contractual mixing and packaging partners of the main Refrigerant brands for the South American Region.

International Standards

Compliance with International Standards for both light, heavy, stationary engines, etc.

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Technological solutions

We offer technological solutions available to our clients for registration and consultation of chemical programs.


EXRO is approved by EXXONMOBIL

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